AWS Elastic Beanstalk console receive major overhaul

Well, this facelift was long over due. With the launch of Microsoft Azure some two years ago, the Amazon Web Services console looked dated over night. It still does to some extent. I haven’t had the time to dig deeper, but I will.

This war in prices, usability and features will make the future for services look really nice and shiny.

Here a look of the new console

Amazon Web Services monitoring Amazon Web Services dashboard

I still think Azure looks more modern. But as I said, I’ll dig deeper. Perhaps brush up my Node.js project…

management console for azure
management console for azure


However, to get access to the underlying Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances you still have to use the old, messy, interface at EC2.

Amazon Web Services EC2So, Microsoft is ahead in the GUI category but AWS is waaay ahead when it comes to features.